Dr. Ramos participates in and will file claims with most insurance plans. Our relationship as your healthcare provider is with you and not your insurance company, so it remains your responsibility to pay your account in a timely manner. A delay in payment to you from your insurance company is not a valid reason for delaying payment to us.

We will be happy to assist you with questions concerning your insurance or billing matters in appropriate cases, and appeal will be made on your behalf; however, we do not accept responsibility for collecting payment or negotiating a disputed claim.

We DO accept assignment on Medicare claims. You will receive a statement after Medicare has made its payment. Also, we DO file claims for private supplemental policies.

If you have questions about your bill, the status of insurance processing or related payment matters, please contact the Billing Department at (210) 614-1600.


We believe it is important for our patients to review and understand their insurance contracts. Your contract may require a referral or prior authorization from your primary care physician. Services rendered without this referral may not be covered and, therefore, will be billed to the patient. It is your responsibility to obtain this referral before your appointment.Your plan may require a co-payment for office visits and procedures. Please be prepared to pay for these services at the time of your appointment.

Self- Pay Patients

If you are scheduled for surgery, we will contact you in advance with an estimate of the costs. Please be prepared to pay for office visits at the time of your appointment. If necessary, we can arrange a payment plan that is convenient for you.

Fees and Estimates

As physicians, we share your concern about the increasing costs of medical care, so we strive to keep our fees reasonable. Fee estimates are available through our office.
Our patients' well-being and treatment are our primary concerns.

We assure you we will provide quality care, regardless of your insurance status or ability to pay.

Medical Records

In order to protect patient confidentiality, we release medical records only with a signed and dated authorization from the patient, patient's spouse, or a patient's guardian. If you are requesting medical records for mailing, please provide the complete name and address where the records are to be sent. We can release only those records maintained in our files. Your hospital records can be released only by the hospital.Patients may be asked for permission to fax their medical records, if they are requested by other physicians.








On May, 29 2020 Dr. Ramos closed his surgery practice in San Antonio
and now offers Remote Consultation Services by phone, email or video conference.

To schedule a consultation, please call (210) 614-1600
Calls from outside the U.S.:
1 (210) 614-1600